92 3000GT SL Targa Top Project

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92 3000GT SL Targa Top Project

Post by lizardsbba » Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:35 pm


I have a 92 SL Fed Spec that I bought back in 2008 as a project. Its come a long way since then but still needs work. When I first bought it the car wouldnt even start. Now it has a rebuilt motor with about 8-10k on it, I know because I rebuilt it. Swapped out the trans. It runs great, but I'm moving on to another project so its time for me to sell. Passed smog at the state referee at the beginning of the year, however registration expired in september, currently has about $100 due.

The Good:

-Rebuilt engine with about 10k miles

-1st Gen VR4 brake upgrade

-Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel and Spec Clutch

-Aftermarket intake

-Unorthodox Racing Lightweight Underdrive Crank Pulley

-ECU has been rebuilt

-Click Click Start Fix

-ECS computer rebuilt and all caps replaced, works great

-Lowered 1.75" all the way around

-Custom 2.5" downpipe back exhaust with 2 26" resonators to dual outlet (sounds amazing, very throaty)

-TT Radiator

-HID's 6000K 55Watts, plus stock housings

-Snake Eye mod

Theres much more I'm forgetting and I've also replaced almost every sensor on the engine

Onto the Bad:

-IAC is bad, so on cold starts you have to hold slight throttle to keep it from stalling when the RPM's drop because of the lightweight FW

-Has VR4 stock 17"s in the front and eclipse 17"s in the rear >.<

-Driver side axle clicks every now and then

Thats about everything I can think of right now, however I am including with the sale a TON of extra parts I have been collecting.

Also I have a ton of extra parts that can go with the car if wanted.

You can reach me at 805-610-38 nine two, text or call
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