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Local pickup

Post by glendat » Fri Aug 15, 2008 8:57 pm


i am getting into the swing of using this craigshelper.com
It has opened up a whole world to me.

Fortunately and unforturnately I have lived in several major cities and fortunately I still have friends in some of those cities therefore when I found an item I really wanted and the seller insisted on local pick up. I emailed a friend of mine to do the pick up and mail the item for me. It worked out great. So put on your thinking cap. Do you have friends in cities where the seller only provides pick up? Can you trust them to follow up on your business? Then you can do the same thing!

My friend lives in Tacoma and picked up the dishes for me and I will reimburse her for purchase and shipping.

I plan to search in that area more often. We can build a partnership where I can pay 10% of what the item sells for.

I have several cities that I can duplicate this method.