New way to search?

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New way to search?

Post by jayely13 » Thu Dec 08, 2016 11:04 pm

I haven't used this site for a week or 2 but now when I do search, everything appears in 1 long list.
Previously everything was separated by cities.
Is this the new way? The results don't seem to be very complete as well.

Thank you in advance

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Tempest Nathan
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Re: New way to search?

Post by Tempest Nathan » Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:07 am

There has been a recent change, which has - hopefully temporarily - interrupted our ability to show separate results for each city from Google. So, for the moment the results will be in a single list as you say, and unfortunately when pulled up in a single list like this, Google does indeed tend to miss more posts. We have added Bing results below the Google ones, which you can open by clicking the 'Additional results' button, to help with this. More info here: ... -supported

More importantly, we are working on a significant improvement that we hope to release next week. It will generate links directly to results pages on craigslist (no affiliation), kind of like our current Direct Results mode. However, instead of a separate link for every single city, there will only be a handful of links - each one covering a group of around 20 cities. It will avoid the problems with using Google - delayed and potentially incomplete results - as well as the current problem with our Direct Results - too many links to click through, taking too long. We're really excited about the update, and are working hard to get it finished ASAP.