Single List Results Mode is Back

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Single List Results Mode is Back

Post by Tempest Nathan » Thu Jul 18, 2013 12:35 am

You may recall that several months ago Google introduced a bug that caused us a bunch of problems with our combined results mode. We eventually got their attention, and they fixed the worst parts, so we were able to get the standard SearchTempest results mode (with separate results for each city, all one one page) working again.

However, their results for our Single List sort option still weren't very good.

So, we again went looking for alternatives. We tried a few, and have been refining the best option - based on Yahoo's "BOSS" (Build Your Out Search Site) - at the beta version of SearchTempest. It uses the same index as Bing, but has more advanced options, so lets us get you the best possible results.

Well, today it's ready to go! You can access it by choosing "Best Match" under the "Sort by" dropdown on the results page. Let us know what you think!