How times have changed

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How times have changed

Post by tigerdude77 » Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:22 pm

I can remember when CL actually wasn't so lame, and would cooperate a little bit with the rest of the universe. I guess they got too big or something. Anyway, I used to be one of the biggest proponents of ST and used it daily instead of ever just going to CL. Now - I agonize every time I use ST, so I'm finally giving up. It's been forever and a day and it hasn't gotten any better IMO. So - farewell to ST for me. I'll check back in 6-12 months and see if it has improved. What a shame. One of the best sites totally wrecked by CL. If there was a suitable alternative to CL, I'd never, ever use their site again.

I wish there was a legal way to gather all of their info into a database, and then present the data to the universe similar to the way ST used to do it (maybe with frames(?) - not sure how that way worked and CL prohibited it). I would love to generate a way to steal all of CL's info on all of their sites, and be able to present it like ST used to do. I would do it just to tick off CL. What a bunch of jerks they are.

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Re: How times have changed

Post by Tempest Nathan » Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:32 pm

Understand your frustration! Just so you know, if you're planning to go back to using cl manually, you might want to try our Direct Results mode. It opens up an actual cl results window for you, and just puts a narrow index window beside it so you can quickly flip through cities.

As far as your other thoughts, that's pretty much exactly what 3taps is trying to do. They're fighting a lawsuit with cl now, so we should know within a couple years exactly what is possible.