Hi, I new here...

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Hi, I new here...

Post by 2inAlabama » Mon Dec 10, 2012 11:13 am

And I have a question. Running on my iPad One, I just wanted to search for Foretravel motorhomes in sale/wanted, recreational vehicles. I entered 'Foretravel' (without the quotes). The results showed 41 pages of 2003 Gulf Stream Yellowstone. My other parameters were within any miles of zip 35773.

Why are the results showing stuff that doesn't match my search criteria? Can someone please enlighten me?

On edit: I just looked at page 41. It shows the same ad for the Gulf Stream motorhome. Is it possible to enter an ad globally? Almost every city shows the same ad title! What gives?

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Tempest Nathan
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Re: Hi, I new here...

Post by Tempest Nathan » Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:35 pm

Most likely what's happened is a spammer has posted that ad in a bunch of places, and included a ton of extra "keywords" so that it matches your search (and others). When it gets flagged they instantly post it again. And since google (which powers the default mode of SearchTempest) knows about the new page right away, but doesn't know that the old one is gone, it shows both versions. Repeat that several times, and it shows a ton of versions. We're actually working on a feature to get rid of these sorts of duplicates...

For now though, I would suggest using a negative keyword to filter out the spam ad. So for example you could search for 'foretravel -yellowstone' (no quotes).

The other thing to try is using the Direct Results mode, but it's not great on an iPad, since it works best with multiple windows open.

More info here: www.searchtempest.com/faq.php#deleted