Paul - Here to say "Hi"

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Paul - Here to say "Hi"

Post by bhopal » Fri Nov 07, 2008 11:21 pm

Howdy! I just joined the forum today and found out I was too late for the $100 contest. I'm still glad I joined, though, as I have learned a few things already.

Nathan, I love your philosophy of if you have made life easier for people and helped them saving a few minutes, then that's a good thing. That same philosophy was behind starting my website: So many printable coupon sites have you jump through a lot of hoops or deliver expired coupons and end up being a waste of time. It seemed there was a need for an easy to use site that would save people time and money. I just started the site in January '08, so it's a work in progress. It will probably never be as popular as your site (according to, you're ranked at 68,953 and I'm at 1,316,863), but it's all about getting the word out.

It does bring me joy to help others and I enjoy learning from others too.

Somewhere I read that a good craigslist sub-category to keep an eye on is the "free stuff" listed in the "sales/wanted" category. So I use CH to save time in checking for "free stuff" in cities where I live and have family. You can find some amazing deals and now, thanks to you, it's so quick and easy to keep up with it.

So here's to helping people by making life a little easier and saving them a few minutes...

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Re: Paul - Here to say "Hi"

Post by Tempest Nathan » Fri Nov 07, 2008 11:58 pm

Hi Paul, thanks for joining the forums! It sounds like we're of a pretty similar mindset. Your site sounds like a great idea too. And while it might not have the same instant draw, it does have the benefit of not being so dependent on another entity (ie craigslist). (Of course, I do have plans start branching out and improving that situation.. :) ) Maybe we can work together on something down the road..