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how to handle unethical buyer

Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:32 am
a buyer said she wanted the plants i advertised and was in a hurry. she thanked me for holding the listing for her. i told her i had to unpot many of the plants because I didn't need to sell the pots before my move but i do the live plants which can't sit indefinitely and still be healthy. during the correspondence back and forth it seemed to me that she was an event planner so i made a suggestion about how to display the big quantity of spider plants and I suggested a pile of silver gelatins i had and could be a good repetitive decoration for an event. I told her that i had to sell most of the contents of my house prior to my move. (In fact i need to sell most of my art collection and antiques too big for any new house. hundreds and hundreds of things that I bought when i had a huge 14 room house, had received some inheritance and had become a compulsive buyer when my mother died.)

Now she may be suspicious of me although I assured her I had lost my social graces after an accident has kept me in the house for years.

Now if she backs out of the purchase, I will need to replant dozens of plants so they won't die and i think that i can't do that because my hand and arm are in a splint from breaking my finger in a fall on ice.

How so I reprimand her publically, on Craig's list, and maybe shame her into sending me the $100 that I will loose if she is dishonest and backs out? Haven't heard from her in a week when she said she was in a rush.

Thanks for reading this. can anyone help me?