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How to Ask for Help

Post by Tempest Nathan » Sat Apr 19, 2008 12:46 am

This forum is the place to ask questions about Searchtempest. If you have a suggestion rather than a problem, please post in the suggestions forum. :)

Before you post though, there's a pretty good chance your question will be covered in the SearchTempest FAQ, so take a look there first.

If you can't find your answer there, or by searching these forums, here are some tips to help me help you :)
  1. First off, please confirm that you've checked the FAQ, particularly that you've already tried these troubleshooting steps. That will save time since I won't have to start by asking whether you've done those.
  2. Try to be as specific as possible describing the problem. Pretend I've never used the site before and describe in detail exactly what happens. Different people tend to use different names for things, so this will help me understand what's going on. If there's an error message, please quote exactly what it says.
  3. Include the URL of your results page. (ie If you don't want to post your search on the forum, you can either email it to me, or even better, do a test search of some kind to demonstrate the problem, which you don't mind sharing. (That way others can benefit too.)
  4. If you can, including a screenshot would be awesome. To take a screenshot in Windows, run your search, then with the SearchTempest window open, press the Print Screen (PrtScrn) key on your keyboard. Then, open MS Paint (Start/Accessories/Paint), and go to edit/paste. Go to file/save, set the type to 'jpg' or 'png', and save the file somewhere you can find it (like the desktop). Then when you post, click the 'Add attachment' tab below the post entry window to add it. (Or, email it to me if you'd rather not post to the forum.)
  5. Please include what web browser and OS you're using. For example, Windows 7 SP1, Firefox 12.0.
  6. Finally, if you don't mind getting very slightly technical, you could check whether there are any javascript errors. In Internet Explorer there will be a 'Loaded with errors' icon at the bottom-left of the window. Double-clicking on that should show you the error. In Firefox or Chrome you can open the console by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-J (CMD-SHIFT-J on a Mac). Then click the Errors button, which is at the top of the console window in Firefox and at the bottom in Chrome.
Even if you do none of that, I'll still try to help, but there will likely be more back and forth, taking up more of your (and my ;)) time. Regardless though, I appreciate any and all bug reports. If there's a problem with the site, I want to know! Thanks!