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Question About Direct Results Mode and Tabs

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 12:59 pm
by FourtyCaliber
Hello. I use Direct Results Mode. It works well for me except for one thing. In the "Results" pane, when I click on one of the links to view the ad, a new tab opens up in my browser and NOT within the pane itself. It seems to me that the "Results pane" is like a mini-browser window. As a matter of fact, the results themselves are in a tab within that window. Is there any reason why another tab cannot be opened within that SAME RESULTS WINDOW after I click on one of the results links? What happens is that when I click one of the links, both the cities pane and results pane minimize and a new tab opens up in my regular browser in which I view the clicked link. When I'm finished I have to close that new tab and then re-open both the cities and results pane of the Direct Results mode. It just seems it would be more user friendly to have clicked on ad links open within a new tab in the results pane itself.

Also, I just wanted to say that SearchTempest is BY FAR the best Craigslist aggregate search tool on the Net. I "fixed" the annoying relevance sorting of the results (earlier post) and now everything is great again. Keep up the great work.

Re: Question About Direct Results Mode and Tabs

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 4:03 pm
by Tempest Nathan
That certainly sounds odd. What browser are you using? Can you try a different browser and/or a different computer to see if it does the same thing? You might also try temporarily disabling any add-ons you have installed in the browser, to see if one of them is causing it.

Re: Question About Direct Results Mode and Tabs

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 6:46 pm
by FourtyCaliber
Firefox. Uh, I don't think my IE has tabbed browsing. I don't have any other browsers installed. I don't know. I looked through the few addons I have. I don't see that any of them have anything to do with tabs or rendering. They're mostly utility type things. I hope I was clear enough in my description of what I mean is happening.

On another note, something else I just noticed today. In the list of "cities" window that comes up when I'm in Direct Results mode, the list isn't populating completely. It like gets cut off before it's entirely loaded. But, when I click on the last city that's visible in the list, then the remaining few cities that didn't load then loads. This just started. It didn't use to do that.

Something else I just noticed, too. In the popup window of search results in Direct Results mode, this window is "different" than my regular browser. The upper "menubar" with the file, edit, history, bookmarks, tools, and help buttons and corresponding dropdown menus is not in the popup window like in my regular browser window. I do have it selected when I right click up there and see what I do have selected. It's just not showing. I don't know if that's right or not.

Re: Question About Direct Results Mode and Tabs

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 10:09 pm
by Tempest Nathan
Please try temporarily disabling all add-ons just so we can rule that out. You can do so by clicking the menu icon, then the question mark at the bottom, and choosing "Restart with add-ons disabled."

If that doesn't help, please also try emptying your cache by going to menu->history->clear recent history, check the 'cache' checkbox, and set the dropdown to 'everything'.

You are using the most recent version of Firefox, right?

Re: Question About Direct Results Mode and Tabs

Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:46 am
by FourtyCaliber
I have disabled my addons one by one to no avail. No, I'm not using the latest (UNgreatest) version of Firefox as it won't run on my antiquated system that has limited resources, particularly memory.

However, I WAS able to fix the missing menubar problem in the Direct Results mode popup window. Without casting blame, it seems that "you" are disabling this and other items through coding. I was able to go into about:config and change some dom.disable settings to "true" to circumvent the coding commands and, lo-and-behold, my menubar came back. Actually, I did some Bing searching and found that this problem is pretty common with Firefox popup windows and found solutions to fix the problem. These are the filters I had to change:

dom.disable_open_during_load false
dom.disable_window_flip false
dom.disable_window_move_resize true
dom.disable_window_open_feature.menubar true
dom.disable_window_open_feature.minimizable true
dom.disable_window_open_feature.scrollbars true
dom.disable_window_status_change.scrollbars true (this one you have to add)
dom.event.contextmenu.enabled false

I'll keep messing with the other problem of the new tab opening in my regular browser window and not within the popup window itself. Something is giving the direction to do that. I'd like it fixed, but it's not the worst of problems to have. Just an annoyance. If I find the fix, I'll post back. Thanks for the help. To start with maybe I'll try disabling all of the addons simultaneously and see what happens.

Re: Question About Direct Results Mode and Tabs

Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:54 pm
by Tempest Nathan
Yes, sorry, the disabling of menu bars and stuff in the pop-up was intentional. The thinking was to make the window as small as possible since it's a popup. Also so it would line up with the index window on the left, since obviously it's too narrow to fit toolbars and such. Since the main window will still be open behind, we didn't think there'd be a need for that stuff. Can you give me an idea of how it's inconvenient that it's missing?

Since you're running an old version of Firefox, I'm guessing the tabs opening in the other window is a bug in the browser itself rather than an add-on. Unfortunately we'renot able to test in old vversions of evergreen browsers, so I can't really help there.