does craigslist tyrannically limit number of emails?

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does craigslist tyrannically limit number of emails?

Post by barble » Thu Mar 20, 2014 11:12 am

Say I search for laptops and find 20 listings. Then I email each asking if they'll ship if I pay first. I swear I only get like 2 replies, and I think it is because craigslist is limiting them artificially. Does craigslist really hate connecting buyers to sellers enough to only let 10% of your emails be graciously allowed through their illustrious royal red carpet relay system? Is there any freakin free market allowed anywhere anymore?

Or are my emails being flagged as spam by the whole snich culture who is so paranoid and brainwashed that scammers are everywhere that when they see someone asking to ship they get their panties in a bunch and taddle on craigslist because shipping violates their royal graciousnesses terms of service or whatever? I'm using gmail, and gmx seems to be similar.

Is there some annoying spam filter blocking my messages going through? Do I have to wait 10 minutes between each email? I'm seriously going to try that. I'll make a python program that waits 10 minutes between each email to see if they go through then. I mean what a royal pain in the arse!

But searchtempest itself is awesome by the way, just wish buyers could freely communicate w/ sellers without craigslist being a middleman blocking 90% of the emails apparently. I just hope its not run by ebay who seem to be shutting down the economy intentionally and own part of craigslist.

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Re: does craigslist tyrannically limit number of emails?

Post by Tempest Nathan » Fri Mar 21, 2014 12:08 am

Wish I could help, but I have no real knowledge of the inner workings of craigslist. I do know that although eBay owns a portion of craigslist the two companies have not had great relations, so I doubt eBay has any real control over their actions.

I do imagine it's possible they have some sort of throttle or filter on emails. Of course, it's also possible it's something to do with the emails you're sending! ;) (Presumably they're perfectly reasonable emails, but of course I haven't seen them. :)) Maybe try mixing them up a bit and see if different types of emails get more responses? (ie longer, shorter, more or less formal, etc.) Whether it's an automated filter or just people not writing back, that might help either way.