cannot get RSS to work

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archibald tuttle
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cannot get RSS to work

Post by archibald tuttle » Sat Jan 18, 2014 9:33 am

i think i signed up for feedly and imported OPML deal for the searches i wanted to automate, but i get nothing on feedly. can't even really find where that 'search' is. I suppose there is no way to get this emailed rather than to have to go to feedly?

ebay does have that generally down (although they only show a limited number of new matches in their email, which drives me crazy. they tell you there are 19 new matches and they show you 12.

but i do get the emails every day and that really helps.

because remembering to go to feedly, even if i could get it to work, is kind of like remembering to go to search tempest and run the search.

thanks for any ideas, i.e. better RSS reader or how to get this stuff emailed, etc.



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Tempest Nathan
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Re: cannot get RSS to work

Post by Tempest Nathan » Sat Jan 18, 2014 2:15 pm

Hi Brian,

If you imported the opml file into Feedly and aren't seeing anything, the problem is probably on their end unfortunately. Hopefully someone at their help forum can help you: You'll want to let them know what steps you took to import the OPML file, so they know whether you missed something, or it's a problem with their system. Sorry I can't help more!

Unfortunately I'm not aware of any way to get notifications by email. We actually can't offer those, because we're limited from actively indexing craigslist results. We need to either use third parties like Google, or link you straight through to craigslist (like with the RSS feeds). Either way, we don't actually 'see' the results, so can't generate emails for them.

If you don't have a ton of searches to keep track of, it may be that just using the SearchTempest site is the easiest way. Of course, we'll keep trying to improve however we can!