royally messed up

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royally messed up

Post by Owly » Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:39 am

I've used Search Tempest for a long time, and I was pleased when the format was improved so it was not necessary to click each region....... a vast improvement. But this week things are completely screwed up. Not only are prices not displayed anymore with the adds, but Search Tempest completely ignores price parameters now and will display items from free to infinity. For example, I set a price limit of $15,000.00 on my search parameters and regularly get items in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and cannot see prices until I click the item............This really sucks. It means far more results, far more garbage to sort out. I don't want a $10 item, and I don't want a $200K item. In addition, hitting the return arrow after navigating away from the search results page... usually accidentally, takes me back to the very first page of results instead of the page I navigated away from.
I don't know what happened here, but these changes turned Search Tempest from an elegant and fast way to find things into a royal pain, involving much more time.

I cannot seem to use the feedback page for some reason....... it rejects my log in ??? I would love to see a graphical map that would allow me to draw a search area instead of looking up zip codes or using a city name......... someday perhaps.

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Re: royally messed up

Post by Tempest Nathan » Sun Apr 10, 2016 12:56 pm

That's a cool idea about drawing the search area on a map! Not something we'll be able to do immediately, but I'll think on it.

As far as the prices, yes, we're aware of the problem. Unfortunately it's not on our end, so it's not straightforward (and potentially not possible) to fix. Our standard results are powered by Google. For quite some time, the Google range filter was not working properly for prices, which was why we only supported price filtering in our Direct Results mode. Then, a couple months ago, Google's price range filter started working, and so we added support on our end.

Unfortunately, a few days ago... it stopped working again. So, we're going to do some research to see if we can work around the problem somehow, but it's likely we're back to the same situation as before, where prices will only be supported in Direct Results. We'll know for sure next week, and if that's the case, will change the notifications on the site back to match. (Hopefully we can find a work-around though!)