Search for all models of a common model range?

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Search for all models of a common model range?

Post by Blue92 » Sun Aug 21, 2011 9:37 pm

First off, thank you for the fantastic work you have done to bring AutoTempest to the world. :D

One question/suggestion: Would it be possible to allow the searches to search across a model range for cars which are similar? (That is, to span across body styles and trim levels, to find all cars with a common underpinning.) As far as I can tell, selecting multiple vehicle models is not possible from the list, nor is it possible to put "xx OR yy OR zz" type searches into the keywords field. :|

Some examples:
The Subaru Loyale, Leone, DL, GL, GLF, GLF5, GL-10, RX, and Omega are effectively the same vehicle and basic chassis/body... just different trim levels and body styles (wagon, coupe, etc). Due to naming choices & changes by the manufacturer, and different names being used in different regional markets, searching for these types of vehicles can be very difficult. :|

Volkswagens are another case, as they are commonly split into two categories: The older models with air-cooled engines, and the newer models with water-cooled engines. So someone searching for an air-cooled VW would want to see Beetles, Super Beetles, Karmann Ghias, early Buses, Things, 411s, 412s, etc. But since grouping is not available, this would require a large number of separate searches.

Thanks. 8-)

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Re: Search for all models of a common model range?

Post by Tempest Nathan » Mon Aug 22, 2011 6:11 pm

I agree, and this is actually something I've been thinking about already lately. We're in the process of redesigning AutoTempest at the moment, so these things are coming up. As well as there being multiple different, similar models, there's also the fact that different sites will group them differently to contend with. (Some sites list BMW 335xi and 335i separately, some just list 335, and some lump all under 3-series, etc.) We try to combine and use alternates behind the scenes to make things work smoothly, but the ability to select multiple models would help a lot of issues.

That said, one issue is that not all the sites searched by AutoTempest support selecting multiple models. (Likewise, not all support 'ANY' keyword searches. Or keywords at all for that matter.) That's the main reason it hasn't been implemented yet.

But, I think I've got an idea of how it could work at this point. It won't make it into the initial redesign, but I'm hoping it will come relatively soon after. Let's say.. if you can't select multiple models by the end of the year, bug me again. :)