Improving AutoTempest Search - Excluded Words!

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Improving AutoTempest Search - Excluded Words!

Post by cjr444 » Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:36 pm

Sorry if this has already been brought up..but it would be awesome if you could exclude results which feature a certain word or words.

For example, I often search for a 1985 or 1986 Toyota Pickup truck...but many idiots list these as either Truck, pick-up, pickup, pickup truck, 4x4, or with no clear designation. So, I simply search for 1985 or 1986 toyota and then skip over every 1985 or 1986 Corolla, supra, MR2, and every other model i don't want.

Also, If I search for Toyota Landcruiser, since they have FJ40, FJ45, FJ60, and BJ would be great to be able to exclude those models I don't want to be bothered with.

Great product thought!

Oh...can this thing set up a reoccurring search agent and email me the results so I don't have to search every few days? How sweet would that be!


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Re: Improving AutoTempest Search - Excluded Words!

Post by Tempest Nathan » Thu Jan 20, 2011 4:36 am

Hmm.. you sort of can do that.

I say 'sort of' because of how Autotempest works. Basically it doesn't do any searching itself. What it does is take your parameters and pass those searches on to each of the cars sites, just as if you'd typed in your search there. Then you see the results straight from them. This is very efficient and avoids the wrath of sites that don't like their content being scraped. However, it means we're basically limited to providing the features they provide.

Many sites (craigslist at least) will allow you to exclude words by prefacing them with dashes, -like -this. So you could enter your excluded keywords in the Autotempest keywords box with dashes. The sites that support that feature will ignore the words. (Don't use too many though - craigslist will start to ignore things once you start getting higher in the double-digits.)

Some sites such as ebay, for whatever reason, don't let you add negative keywords without a positive one. Sooo just entering "-corolla -supra" wouldn't work, but if you put in one positive keyword (say Toyota since it'll be in all the ads), it would work. So you could search for (no quotes) "toyota -corolla -supra -mr2" etc. You might have to just exclude the more common models though.

Finally, some sites (autotrader I think) may not understand the negative keywords at all, and so will just barf and give you nothing. I suppose you can check them in a separate search.

So ya. It sort of works. I suppose I could do some hacking to make it better. For example, always send the make to ebay as a keyword if I detect that only negative keywords are being sent. Or strip out negative keywords to the sites that don't support them. Then once it's more officially supported, add some documentation. Thanks for making my to-do list longer. ;)