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Re: Maps, Ads, Dates

Post by Tempest Nathan » Sun Jan 24, 2010 2:51 pm

Lee wrote:Nate, great tool. "Car and Truck Search" leads to Hank's Helper so not sure your forum is where to post this. I'm very pleased with how quick I can search a given geographical area using a variety of engines but am meeting with some frustration.

For example, I'm looking to replace a recently wrecked vehicle with another and am doing daily searches to see what's new so I have a chance of being first in line if something good comes up. Craigslist makes it easy with their sort by list date but I'm thinking the other search engines might not, so I have to sort through the whole list all over again. Searching for something as common as a Ford F250 gives tons of hits. I have to leave search parameters fairly open in case someone does not list a feature I need like extended cab, long bed. Since I'm shopping according to budget $9K I'm looking over a wide span of years. So, the most useful thing to me is that once I've gone through all the old listings, I'd like to quickly peruse the new ones, maybe even a couple of times a day. Hope this makes sense. I'm not a techie when it comes to this stuff so maybe this feature already exists.

Oh, I did a search for used Subaru Foresters with a 500 mile radius of 85632 and a 20K limit and nothing comes up? If I jack it up to $30K and 1000 mile radius all sorts of vehicles come up, including those well within more limited search parameters like 500 mile and $10K. You might try this. Probably just a minor glitch.

I am very impressed with what you've done here.

Hi Lee,

There is a dedicated subforum here for Hankshelper. Posting in the help forum would also be fine. Replying in the News forum to a totally unrelated post doesn't really make sense though... ;)

Anyway, you're correct that most of the other sites don't have an option to sort by date, so in those cases there's not a lot I can do. Some, like eBay do though. For ebay you can get a list sorted by date by clicking the blue 'Time left' heading.

As for the Forester thing, I get many results on most sites when searching $20,000, 500 miles from your zip. Are you sure you didn't make any other changes?