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New features

Post by Tempest Nathan » Sun Oct 04, 2009 11:02 pm

Sometimes a feature isn't ... signficant enough to bother adding it to the official changes list, so I'm going to try and mention those here..

Today, it's new sorting features! You now have the option to sort results by date (the default), 'best match', however craigslist defines that, and price (lowest or highest). You can find these sort options in the navigation bar near the top of the results page (in the default, 'stacked' mode).

I also added the new pay/no pay option to the 'gigs' category. Finally, the ebay results are now resizable, so you can make them shorter (and scrollable, like the craigslist cities), if you don't want to have to scroll as far to get to the bottom of the results page.

Also, in case anyone's interested, the Amazon results are still technically available - I've just removed them from the interface due to low demand. To add them to your results, add "&showaz=1" (no quotes) to the end of your results page URL.