Beta testing of New Options

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Beta testing of New Options

Post by Tempest Nathan » Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:15 pm

Hi All!

I'm in the process of adding a bunch of cool new options to CraigsHelper. The main one will allow you to search by zip (or postal) code and distance, rather than having to choose states and cities manually. There's no interface to these yet, but the options themselves exist. So if you'd like to try them out, here's what you can do:

1) Run a search normally.
2) When the results page comes up, you're going to edit the address bar, where it says " ... &statesel=..."

Right after the ?, add the following:
  • cityselect=zip&zip=98226&maxdistance=500&
    These ones have to go together. If you have cityselect=zip, you can enter a zip code and a max distance (in miles), and you'll get every city within that range!
  • crossborder=1&
    1 is the default: search everywhere. If you change it to 0, you will only get results in the US (with the option above).
  • sortby=name&
    With the new mode, your results are sorted by distance by default. This changes it back to sorting by name.
  • sortby=size&
    You can use this with the above options, or by itself. It will sort the cities by the size of their respective craigslists, instead of by name or distance. (This one is of questionable value, but it was easy to do, so I threw it in. Let me know if you think it could be handy.)
So the final result will look something like

http: // ... &statesel=...

Alrighty! Go ahead and play, and please let me know what you think!