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Post by wilbur46 » Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:57 pm

I've been using the site since it was Hanks Helper ( which worked like a charm!). Why?? Because it was simple!
I use it a lot less now, and I set my searches manually, as the collective Search Tempest does not seem to work well at all.
I've commented a few times on auto searches, where the Uber redundant "search locally" feature returns the exact same result over and over again.
I also cannot figure how to use the brackets to search multiple years any more.
In short, just like a lot of software, its trying to do too much.
I just wasted a half hour trying to structure a search for a truck : [1948] [1949] [1950] [1951] [1952] [ford], that worked perfect on Hanks but does produce any useful info now.
Simpler is always better!

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Re: complicated

Post by Tempest Nathan » Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:06 pm

Where to start?

Hank's Helper was a site specifically for searching for cars. It searched craigslist, ebay, and a number of cars-only sites. It is now called, but everything else is basically the same. It automatically generates the keywords for your years, so you don't have to mess with crazy syntax. It looks like it would be perfect for your application, so I suggest going to

Searchtempest is a site for searching craigslist and ebay for anything (including cars, if you want). Because it's general-purpose, it will not generate year keywords for you automatically. However, I have a page here that explains in detail how to use advanced keywords: (You can get to that page by clicking the blue question mark right above the keywords input.) I don't know where that square bracket syntax of yours came from, but it wasn't here!

By the "Uber redundant 'search locally'" feature, I assume you mean the 'nearby cities' listings provided by craigslist? Unfortunately those are included by craigslist as part of their search results. In order to respect their copyrights and avoid being blocked, Searchtempest has no control over the contents of those results. In other words, it is a 'feature' provided by craigslist, not by us. You'll notice that you get the same thing when you do your searches manually.

What exactly is SearchTempest "trying to do" that you feel it shouldn't?