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SearchTempest Agent to regularly search & sent emails ?

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 12:53 pm
by ecmacman
I am a brand new member (but have used searchtempest regularly) so please excuse me if this capability already exists or if the idea has already been proposed.

I would like to see an agent capability with SearchTempest that does the following automatically:

- runs a search in SearchTempest in a defined time (hourly, daily, weekly, etc)
- searches my specific chosen source(s) (i.e., craigslist within 200 miles, and/or eBay US, Uk, etc))
- generates an email/text message, etc to me with a link when the item has been found in these sources matching my criteria and tells me (i.e., Craiglist Minneapolis) when the item I seek has been found

I know I can save a search and manually go in and execute a pre-defined search but an automated way to do this would be very helpful and prevent constanct as hoc searches for items. It also would help someone to 'catch' unique stuff early before others have a shot at it.



Re: SearchTempest Agent to regularly search & sent emails ?

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 3:24 pm
by Tempest Nathan
It's a good idea, but due to the way SearchTempest works, it's actually not possible for us to automate searches as you suggest. We're powered by Google Custom Search, which requires an actual user to make the search when the results are returned. That said, there is still a way to stay on top of new matching results for your searches: RSS Feeds! This answer in our FAQ explains a bit more:

Put your favorite RSS reader in your bookmarks and/or on your phone, and you can check for new results just as easily as you'd check your email.