You Should Use Google Moderator for Suggestions

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You Should Use Google Moderator for Suggestions

Post by crashjohnson » Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:09 pm

Hi there,

To whomever runs this forum, I always find these forums a bit tough to navigate to in order to find out if my suggestion or question has already been broached. For instance:

I wanted to suggest that, for multi-city searches, cities that didn't populate a result should not show up as a link. Therefore you would end up with fewer links to sift through and save some valuable time, making the site a more valuable tool. But when I searched for that, the results that came back for that were cluttered and I couldn't really determine if my suggestion had been given before. ... =10&t=1363

I also wanted to suggest that we be able to search date ranges. That way if I searched for something yesterday, I can narrow the results down to only seeing what has been posted today. That seemed to come back with enough results to satisfy that you guys have already seen that suggestion a few times.

Now! for the good stuff. I suggest Google Moderator because it was a tool created to make the most important questions or suggestions move to the top (on its own) so the moderator can see/respond to the most important topics first. It has built in intelligence that will recognize similar questions or suggestions so that users can pick the already created question/suggestion without posting multiples. That, in turn, "1-ups" the question/suggestion. Please read about it as, I imagine, it would really help out! It also has a unique way of sending people down a rabbit hole of voting on suggestions... it really is a fantastic tool I've used it on all of my projects that need feedback.

Here is the overview: ... rted/guide

Here is an example of how Google uses it:

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Re: You Should Use Google Moderator for Suggestions

Post by Tempest Nathan » Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:59 pm

That's a good suggestion. We actually have a uservoice page, which is similar. We stopped actively promoting it though, as we found for whatever reason people preferred these basic forums. Still, we may indeed try something like that again in the future.

We already have a date filter, assuming you're using the default Combined Results mode. Between the search bar and the first results you'll see sort controls and date filter. It's not possible to filter by date in Direct Results mode, since the pages go straight from craigslist to you, and craigslist doesn't have that feature.

For common questions that get asked regularly, we add answers to the FAQ, so most of the sorts of questions you're referring to are answered there.